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Carers Pay to travel in London - Page 12 - Carers UK Forum

Carers Pay to travel in London

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https://www.gov.uk/government/consultat ... ction-plan

Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but it's a government consultation document about making transport more accessible. Might be worth a read and a reply. I was disappointed that it doesn't say anything much about those who are learning disabled.
Page 23 of the 73 page report is the only reference to concessionary fares.

Page 24 .... Blue Badge Scheme.

Carers ? Learning disabled ?

No mention whatsover.

Consultations ... with whom ?

Our supporting organisations ?

My monies are on " No ".

Any " Lobbying " as mentioned by the CEO of Carers UK may have fallen on deaf ears ?

Oh , what a surprise !
I really do think that the forum would be the ideal place to share information like this.

Instead, I got it from the coordinator of our County LD Group, and then shared it here myself.

Transport, or lack of it is a BIG issue for us all. I'm expected by SSD to use my own fuel and my own time to bring my son home for the weekend. That's two round trips of 30 miles. 60 miles each weekend I do it, @40p a mile that's £24. There is no alternative public transport available.
Take away OUR own News Section and ... what real news is available on either of our supporting organisations' sites ?

During CarerWatch days , news was the catalyst for all that followed.

I tried to emanate the same when returning to the forum just under a year ago.

I spotted a deficiency , and tried to retify it.

Sure , I might miss a few but we are all living in information overload times.

FOOD / HEALTH / HOUSING / FINANCES / SUPPORT / TRAVEL ... the main issues supplemented by related articles that may impact apon us third hand .... eg. cutbacks in Government funding to LAs dovetails into several of the main issues.

It is upto each and every board visitor whether or not to read any news items.

More / less ?

That's down to board members ... bearing in mind that most news relating to CareeLand and CarerLand will be adverse ... reflecting life as it is for us in our worlds.
Not a bad signature to get lol

Jeanette Bain-Burnett

Senior Project and Policy Officer

Communities and Social Policy



Just shows no harm in messaging anyone think could support us :)
Just shows no harm in messaging anyone think could support us
Your learning fast ... technique used since the halycon days of CarerWatch , and in the early days of this thread when this Issue came to my attention.

Trouble is , they tend to be treated as " Spam " unless the subject matter is clearly outlined in the very first 10 seconds of reading .... assuming it gets that far !

Be wary of those with all smiles and thank yous , and then proceed to do their version of " Lobbying " ..... short for " Lob in bin " ... the Internet version of a slap on the face ?
Amanda's petition .... one recent response :

Graham Gardiner, CEO Age UK Lambeth

2 days ago

As CEO of Age UK Lambeth, I am pleased to be able to support this petition. We support hundreds of carers every year, and believe that concessionary travel for carers would be enormously beneficial. Especially in light of the huge savings to the public purse many of our clients generate because they are active carers. Concessionary travel costs seem a very small price for the state to pay in return.

Impressive ?

If I search further , one's from OUR own supporting organisations ?

2,910 .... and counting !
I have surprisingly been getting the support from the organisations but not carers signatures. This is a surprise but im hoping that by getting support from carers trust etc is going put more pressure on the government than tones of signatures from people they can ignore.

I will be asking people this from now on when sharing this petitiin about

Is free concessionary transport for carers really too much to ask for when carers dedicate their lives to provide care to others?
Always the way with carers as history has shown time and again.

Anything requiring action , even merely spending a minute on signing a petition , is beyond most.

In many ways , carers have only themselves to blame for their predicament.

Doing nothing and nothing is achieved.

Doing something at least gives that carer a " Clear " conscious , however trivial ?

The fallout from 2009 still continues ( See the separate thread !!! ).

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... 09#p356500

The Carers Letter showed what COULD be done even if nothing was achieved.

In retrospect , does any one think that the Carer Consultations across the country would have been held if said Letter was never produced ????

Carers were becoming too noisy ... and something had to be done !!!

I said this a decade or so ago ... the only ally of carers will be the words from a Judge , and a Ruling needing a change in the Law for our benefit.

Nothing else comes close ... or effective.

What the present carers do is down to them , and to them alone !!!
2,985 ... slight acceleration ... must be a few examing their consciences ?

Perhaps wiping the keyboard clean to eliminate any criminal evidence ?

Keep 'em coming ... short of the Circus known as the House , there is precious little else out there to support this Issue.

£ 400 / 500 million per annum saving to carers ... best guestimate.

Add on the benefit of unknown carers coming out of the woodwork joining the other half million.

Benefits to CarerLand all round., as well as our carees .... more trips out without breaking the bank to do so ?

Even the bookies have shortened their odds to 14s ( From 20s ) for 5,000 by this year's end.

5,000 ... that's still ONLY 1 in every 1,200 carers ... and our carees have a lot to gain !

In short , a Campaign for the same " Rights " as guide dogs ... to travel free on public transport with our caree in tow ... not muzzle and lead , mind !

Imagine the outcry in a publication like the Daily Chuckle ( Aka Mail ) IF guide dogs were charged full fare on public transport !

It takes 10 / 20 seconds to add your paw print to the Petition .... and the same for your caree !


https://www.change.org/p/concessionary- ... -your-help

Most days I would live to get out & about but, I really can't afford the bus fare. My mum is in a wheelchair & gets a free pass. She can't travel without me but, I still have to pay!

Even a straightward AGREED would not go amiss.
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