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Carers Pay to travel in London - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Carers Pay to travel in London

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Just to balance the books so to speak , Isle of Man.

https://www.gov.im/categories/travel-tr ... ncessions/

Slightly different as residency qualification comes into play , unclear on carers but I suspect " Nothing doing ".

Isle of Man has always been an enigma when it comes to carers.

We did have one IoM based carer who used to post aeons ago ... always mentioned that the Island for still in the 19th. century when it came to carers.

Sounds like the ideal location for another outfit in this sector ?

Hopefully , things have improved ?
Just received an email from my local area saying "Unfortunately we do not issue companion passes under any circumstances."

So they definitely don't do that in my area.
I am struggling to find a reason for this transport issue to remain unchallenged.

Such a fundamental issue for all carers using the public transport system.

For many low income carers , a fixed cost in many ways that they can well do without.

I would have picked up this one sooner if , during my caring days , I had not pushed my mother in her wheelchair virtually everywhere as both local buses and trains did not have wheelchair access at that time.

What have our supporting organisations got to say for themselves ?

That's the question all readers so affected should be asking .....

If not , a degree of solidarity for those who are would't be amiss for once ?

.... and our supporting organisations answering !
Interesting one from What Do They Know , part of the My Society web site.

Exchange with MerseyTravel on concessionary fares for carers.

https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/ ... passes_for

Following the exchange , an open letter to all concerned :
amanda macdonald left an annotation (23 November 2016)

To whom this may concern

I am looking for your support on a massive issue that affects so many carers of all ages from as young as they can walk and talk till older adulthood. Many carers face huge financial difficulty and are unable to have much of a social life of there own as they can not afford to get around by public transport. It could be the simple task of getting to shops, collecting medication from the chemist, socialising with friends or doing many other caring duties that carers face on a daily basis.

The cost of travel may not seem alot of money to many but £4.00 per adult a day adds up to £28.00 a week and most carers just do not have this sort of money and of course weekly or even monthly tickets just simply aren't an option. Having concessionary travel or even a discount on travel would be such a huge help to carers across the country who already do so much for others. The discount could be something as simple as reducing the rate for carers as to the same amount students pay,this in turn would go a huge way to helping carers have better lives. 45% of young adult carers (18-25) have reported that they have mental health problems due to their caring role and the struggles they face because of it. 68.8% of older carers say that being a carer has an adverse affect on their mental health. This could be lessened by such a small change like concessionary or discounted travel.

Being a carer is not all bad, I have never regretted caring for my mum despite the hardships and barriers that I faced because of it, simply because she is my mum and I love her. Carers do this on a daily basis because they care... This is why I feel so strongly about breaking down these barriers to caring such as transport. In effort to break down these barriers I have started a petition campaigning for free/concessionary transport for unpaid carers please follow the link below to check out my campaign page on facebook and sign my petition;



One individual ... just think what our supporting organisations could do.

If , of course , there is the will to do so ?
Let's take this a stage further.

London ... Freedom Pass ... allows those who have reached state retirement age or disabled free travel.

Carers ? No concessions whatsoever.

How to include carers and minimise the cost at the same time ?

One way would be to introduce a nominal annual charge of , say , £ 10.

For a further £ 10 , an elderly or disabled person can purchase a companion card for a named individual
.... in this case , the carer.

Whilst the elderly / disabled person still goes free , the companian pays half fare.

Not ideal , but a start.

In addition , and subject to no problems under the Data Protection Act , this new scheme will also
assist in identifying carers.

Only 1 in 12 carers are curently known , leaving 5.5 milion or so unknown.

Even on the Government's own estimates , only 1 in 17 carers will benefit from the Care Act. Was it
their intention to leave the other 5.65 million or so swinging in the wind ????

Subject to no technical problems , both our supporting organisations could add a proviso. For each
Companian card sold , 50p is donated to them.

Assuming a bare minimum of 1 million passes sold , that's £ 500,00 coming in !!!!!!!!!

Once London comes aboard , the rest of the country awaits.

Message for any green / red lights viewing ... " Is there a Will upstairs in the building ? "

Food for further thought ?????????
To save this Issue dying a natural death through apathy , I have today upped the temperature a little by emailing London Transport Watch direct :
Hi .... family carers ?

Present policy .... elderly and disabled persons can
obtain a pass to travel free within the London area.

If either need to be accompanied by their carer , usually
a family member , no concession is available to the carer.

As a caree and a carer is a partnership , why is one treated
different to the other ?

Seems slightly " Odd " if I were to push my mother in a
wheelchair , take a bus ride and , she goes free , I don't.

Without me . my mother would not be able to get out
of the house let alone travel anywhere on the transport

I , and several hundred thousand fellow carers , would
appreciate your views on this apparent discrimination.

Why not introduced a companian card for carers ?


No doubt , a reply will come back full of the usual Establishment speak without answering the question.

Quite honestly , I shouldn't being doing this.

This is a job for our supporting organisation.

If they are reading .... SUPPORT !

Please feel free to " Encourage " me a little.

I won't benefit but , just how many of the 700,000 London based carers may by simply challenging
the present system ?

After all , there's only me , and how many others ????
Well , it seem like this Thread remains the only one now not locked ?

Make the most of it before it falls foul of the " New " policy.

Carers have a voice ... make it heard , while you still can !
Hi Chris,

I have requested that our policy team take a look at the companion travel issue in the New Year and I passed this request on last week when this thread first started. Larger issues like travel etc can sometimes take a lot of behind the scenes work to begin to action so the response may not be immediate. We'll keep the forum updated as and when as to whether this issue moves forwards in the New Year.

Many thanks
Thanks Nikki.

Not for me as I will not benefit , but from all carers still caring who may benefit.

Numbers alone dictate action ... double those in London alone than the whole of England when
considering the Care Act estimates ... even they are suspect given the effectiveness.

Follow the spin off route as both supporting organisations could gain along with carers.

One chance to prove yourselves as THE VOICE OF CARERS .... and occasionly , we do listen ?

A mention in despatches for BigSister in introducing this thread.

If this is my one legacy to leave , let this be it.
For what it is worth , a guide to the Discrimination Act 2010 and how it relates to carers.

https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/Docum ... -carer.pdf

One avenue , a couple more being researched off forum.

It would be interesting to know what our caree supporting organisations made of this ?

If there are " Areas " that Carers UK cannot go through their charity status , it is , of course , open to any
carer to explore.

After all , an individual carer or groups of carers are still allowed to take lawful action even if our supporting organisations are shackled.

A nudge or a wink would do if the circumstnces so demand .....

Purely observations ....
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