Carers Letter ? History ... But Just Shows What CAN Be Done

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Often refered to in some of my postings , a link to it's introduction on this Forum now a decade ago : ... ps-etc-303

The benchmark for carers acting together ?

Probably but .... there is always those that follow the original pioneers ...

Our Lord Kitch exists ....


10 years on and .... just how many of the original Issues have been resolved ?

One does not need a postage stamp to write the correct answer.

Four letters ... beginning with N , ending in E ... with an O followed by a N in the middle.

A further clue ?
Hi Chris,

Well found re this letter. Seems like yesterday when Cheryl and Cathy ( Pysie ) worked on it. It was received well among carer circles and some supporters but unfortunately not by those with power to bring about change.

When you look back even one of IDS 'reports' suggested raising level of Carers Allowance, but when he had chance to do it he never.

Many names ( And activists ) from those halycon daze ... or should that be days ?

A couple only recently departed from the Forum , well known and respected by many posters.

Even Gavin MacGregor , the last " Red " who found the time to interact with us mere posters.

In many ways , those now grandmothers from Greenham Common days must be wondering what happened in the dilution of their genes with the present generation ?

I will be facing the same on the 21 Hour Rule Issue shortly when I awaken the NUS from their slumbers !

Still , at least we tried .... something the latest batch of carers have yet to do ... Amanda's Free Travel petition an exception to the general scene of inactivity ?

CarerWatch is still around literally frozen in time , as are the hopes we had for the millions of our fellow carers.


A beacon that will never be surpassed.