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Hi Tony
No hard feeling my friend hope your day gets better.
Kind regards John.
hi tony

£87.30 for short term (state pension) and carers given a level of income equivalent to minimum wage ie £5.52 per hour currently for longer term goal


No chance of it happening that would mean carers who care 16 hours a day getting £618.24 a week (£32148.48 a year) but many carers know that they loose sleep at night so 16 hours a day is a minimum rather than a maximum.
The government uses the 35-hour rule, so I'd guess that we're talking a minimum wage of £5.52 per hour for a 35 hour week: £193.20 a week.

Not a great amount compared to some - but a darn sight better than under £50 a week. It would have helped me a lot before I went back to work.
hi tony

£87.30 for short term (state pension) and carers given a level of income equivalent to minimum wage ie £5.52 per hour currently for longer term goal


Pathetic response, your CEO could quite easily do this to support what a carer is doing, your answer was a great cop out and typical of this charity, what's the matter? scared the govenrment would pull your funding?

By the way, thanks for saying carers allowance should rise to £87.30, that wold stuff me and a lot of other carers because it would stop my income support, did carers uk forget teh overlapping benefit rule? Kindly reassess that or carers will be screwed over yet again because you haven't taken everything into consideration.

It's no wonder UK Carers started up, this charity is so out of touch with carers and how they live that useless to carers.
Kindly remove my membership from this board, carers uk does not speak for this carer, I'm disgusted how ignorent and out of touch it's workers are, no backbone, no fight and so the carers seems to be the way you operate. That shows even more when you consider Ms Redmond can't be arsed to speak to carers on this board.
Dear Lou:The overlapping rule should be thrown away so any increase in the carers allowance would not effect any of our other benefits,it is wrong that the government gives with one hand and takes away with the other.

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Hi People

Just a nudge, for any new members to see the letter.

Cheryl x Image
Interview with Cheryl up on website. Link on homepage or directly click here
Thx for the link Matt and for interviewing Cheryl.Hopefully in time more people will be made aware of her efforts and her hard work will show some rewards.

Cheryl,I am still getting confirmations coming through from contacts who will show their support, both carers and non carers.Quite a few have adapted it to cover their own areas but the gist of it still remains the same.Most are doing 2 letters.One to their MP and another direct to Downing Street.

I have also contacted our local carers group who are linked to PRTC ,and one of the reporters from our local paper who tends to cover all carer issues.Will keep you informed.

Be strong
Hi, Matt,

Many thanks for all you have done. Looks great!!!!

Pysie Image
This is to show you most of the links to contact the media.

Maybe members who want to support Cheryls letter can also email the editors of various newspapers.Its all about raising awareness,contacting as many people as possible and in turn gather as much support as we can for this.I have sent off to 5 so far and intend to do more.

Post the media link on any other forums you belong to also.

If you get a few minutes to spare,please think on doing this.If we can get media attention for Cheryls Letter, it can only be for the good of us all.

If we chip away continously,one of these days someone may just take notice.

Walk tall
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