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CARERS' LETTER FOR MPs, etc. - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum


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Dear Gavin: Can you please tell me what carersuk think that the carers allowance should be set at, what actual figure in pounds sterling?

All the best Tony
Hi Pysie,

I understand that the Government wil be doing their own consultation about the National Strategy. I don't know the details of that yet so don't know if there are plans for events near Norfolk. We have found that it is individual carer's stories that are so powerful in getting over the impact of caring to Government backed up with evidence so sounds as if your visit from DWP was time well spent.

Fully take on board about difficulties attending events. We'd like ot do more, but constrained by resources. I know it won't help your situation but we offer bursaries to attend our carers' summit planned for the 8th november in London. For carers unable to attend events, we try to involve carers in our work in different ways - surveys to get broad range of carers' experiences as evidence, support to our 500 organisation members who put us in touch with over 350,000 carers locally and feedback views from their supporters, feedback through this forum.

Agree about value of the template letter for carers to adapt and Carers UK supports carers getting in touch with 'officaldom' to make their views known.

With regards the New Deal thegovernment announced it would update the National Strategy for Carers. Carers UK wants it to have at least a 10 year vision, address the priorities of carers - we asked 3,000 carers in 2006 and they told us their top priorities were on recognition from professionals, benefits and better services - we also want it to be cross government and backed up with decent resources. Carers have an opportunity to try and influence the content of the Strategy.


hi tony

£87.30 for short term (state pension) and carers given a level of income equivalent to minimum wage ie £5.52 per hour currently for longer term goal


Dear Gavin; So when i was a fulltime carer and doing on average seventy hours per week i should have been getting a minimum of 386.40 per week, instead of saying carers should get a minimum hourly rate, carers should all get a basic amount without having anything deducted from any other benefit that they may claim : Image : No money should be deducted from the carer or carees benefits, at the moment the government gives with one hand and takes away with another, that must stop.I am also concerned that when i joined carersuk on one of your pages it asked if people would be interested in talking to the media with their stories etc, i filled in your forms but no contact has been made, that concerns me aswell, as i am a campaigner and have my own website, i have many stories that i am sure the media would enjoy about my experiences.Also have the quarterly carersuk magazines been sent out yet Image I would be very interested in attending your 8th November gathering, please keep me informed, thankyou.

All the best Tony. Image
Hi Tony
Not having a go at you my friend but if you have been campaigning all this time surely you have contacts with the media already you could easily make contact yourself.
We all think we have a story to tell but some can tell there stories better than other's you may be one that can come across well, I don't know.
But if you are then make your approach without the backing of CUK.
As by reading your post's you don't think very highly of CUK why would you want there backing.
As for the CUK magazine I have mine already and you have a mention in that after only being on here a short time not bad for a new comer.
Dear John: What on earth are you talking about, i have not asked for carersuk backing, they are the ones who have asked for people to talk to the media, they are the ones that asked for the form to be filled in, i find it strange that the organisation wants people to talk to the media but then does not contact the people who have put their names etc forward.
And yes i do have some contacts in the media, and yes i do not see eye to eye on everything that carersuk does, but does that count me out when it comes to campaigning or asking opinions, i am very sorry that i have a mention in this quarters magazine as i am a newby as you call me, i thought that everyone was equal on this site, only last week i was reprimanded for being too personal, now it seems its open house again on tony, what have i done to upset you john Image You being sarcastic about my campaigning i really do not understand in future i should just shut up and not ask or say anything Image Would you rather newbies not contribute to the magazine, please tell me if that is your view?

All the best Tony. Image
Sorry, Gavin, but I have a bit of a problem about the letter not being endorsed by CUK without at least some discussion by its policymakers.

While it may not be possible to take it to Trustees or to an AGM, most of the letter fits well with CUK policy.

At the very least, CUK could put together an adapted letter that DOES meet its policy and propose that to carers as an "endorsed by CUK" product?
Hi Tony.
Please read my post again and tell me where I was sarcastic.
I said as you have been campaigning a long time you would have contact's.
I did not say you had asked for backing from CUK.
I said make your approach with out the backing of CUK.
Meaning you don't have to wait for CUK to contact you after you had kindly put your name forward.
I also said you had a mention in the magazine this quarter and said for the short time you have been on this forum.
That was meant as a complement and I said not bad for a new comer still meant as a complement.
Then I am being asked what have you done to me to upset me my answer is (Nothing).
Also you infer that it is open house on you again not from me my friend.
Please tell where I said or inferred that newbies as you call them are not equal on this forum or there articles in the CUK Magazine you wont find it.
I wrote my posting in good faith and I don't have anything to apologize about what I wrote.
If anybody else thinks my posting was offense please let me know.
I thought I was complementing you but how you read it I don't know.
Kind regards John.
hi tony

£87.30 for short term (state pension) and carers given a level of income equivalent to minimum wage ie £5.52 per hour currently for longer term goal


Hi Gavin

I agree this would be a much fairer figure for current and future carers but are CUK still committed to campaigning to abolish the overlapping rule - caring doesn't stop at 65 but the money does - how is that fair Image

Dear John: I do sincerely feel really bad, i have obviously misread the meaning in your words, i am very sorry, no hard feelings i hope, today has been a very bad day for me, no exscuse i know, but again i am sincerely sorry.

All the best Tony. Image