Carers Assessments.

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Carers' grants? Pamper sessions? Me time? Can I move??

My local authority handed me over a form to complete, told me that it was up to me to find an emergency plan (there is no-one) and I haven't heard of them since. The only good that came out of it was an agreement for a week's respite care.

Like many things, I think the level of support depends very much on where you live. In my mum's area (one of the poorest London boroughs) there are a very large number of elderly people and not enough resources. Even Age Concern closed through lack of funds ...
Hi Anne

Just a quickie - the government in 2007 issued guidance (and money) to councils to set up emergency respite services. While the money may have been squeezed, there has been regular money to councils from health services for carer respite.

The guidance for carers assessments is very clear that it is up to local authorities to help - not to instruct you to do it yourself. The link below is current ... nning.aspx
But Charles what is the point of offering carers money for respite when as in our case there is no where for the cared person to go to?

I know it doesn't work for everyone, Eun - what's happening to your family and others is totally wrong. It should work for all carers.

Sometimes the problem is ignorance of a situation - the sort of problem you're having: in my area we're working with families that were taught to work with their children in a specific way that has helped them to survive against the odds to adulthood. Now they are under adult care, they are being told that they are doing it wrong and it's dangerous...because these sorts of kids were not surviving to adulthood. So we're working to improve the transition of services so that families are not accused unreasonably but are accepted as partners. It's a slow process here.

But this is an example where a social worker or their council are willingly ignoring their legal duties, and it took me 5 seconds - literally - to find the relevant government info accessible to everyone.
I as a carer have the right to an assessment. This I had and this sort of a social worker said I was not suitable. So I pointed out that I had been working with and caring for people with wheelchairs and disabilities. Since I was 10 years old, I'm now 61 years old. She went red in the face apologized and left. I'm still caring and she went out and found anthother person to upset,
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