Carers are now at risk!!

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..All Carers are now at risk of council tax bills..why? Councils are not taking note of the law on full time carers having exemption from paying council tax. This is still law in the uk, but some councils like Cornwall council are Flouting the Law!! and asking Carers to start paying!!! I shall fight on!! Anyone help? :S
Hi ,that doesn't surprise me ,if our council tries it i might say ,fine you can look after Malcolm ,the dwp might not be impressed with that kind of threat but Shropshire council will .
I thought carers still paid council tax but got a 25% reduction? That is what happens with us here in Scotland.

carers , as far as I know are not exempt from the council tax but if like me you live with the person you care for but are not a spouse / partner which now includes same sex partners you can claim the carers council tax discount of 25% ...
Carers Uk has the following information on Council Tax: ... ate-relief