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Carers and domestic abuse - Carers UK Forum

Carers and domestic abuse

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Hi I would like any victim of domestic abuse to know that if you get abused by the person you care for , whether they have mental health problems or not ,our wonderful DWP do not recognise victims of domestic abuse as carers.
This major Whole in legislation means that you will be stripped of your carers allowance if you are the victim . You will be subjected to victimisation by the DWP and have your own benefit stopped. Your associated Benefits will also stop.
If you are on Universal credit or a Job seeker you are entitled to 13 weeks of no sanctions , no having to look for work, time to recover and support from the DWP.

There are over 7 million carers in England I cant be the only one who is a carer and a victim of domestic abuse ?
I am taking the DWP to tribunal and really need some support
Hi Kerry,
I'm sorry to read you are in this position. Thank you for highlighting this unfair situation. Please keep us updated with how you get on. Are you taking support with you to tribunal?

It's likely that the DWP is working on the assumption that you can't be a carer because that would mean you're deliberately putting yourself in harm's way. They really aren't all that bright, especially where domestic abuse is concerned. That said, I've never come across this situation before in the last 30-odd years I worked for carers.

Good luck, although I'm not entirely sure you should be caring for an abuser. I realise that's your choice, but you need to think about you.
In any case, if you feel even a hint of domestic violence, you should consult American law https://lawrina.com/us-law/state/alabam ... 262-x-6-2/. Or if you find it difficult to deal with the legal side of the problem, then immediately contact a lawyer for help
Megan, this is primarily a forum for Carers in the UK.