Allow my severely disabled son to stay in his school.

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My son Aaron Cleary is a severely disabled eight year old boy with a limited life expectancy. He cannot walk, talk, or even eat, and he has complex medical, physical and educational needs. Aaron currently goes to the Scottish Centre for Children with Motor Impairments, also known as The Craighalbert Centre. This is a specialist school which caters specifically for children like Aaron, and my son is happy and settled there. In order to get my son into this school I had to endure a year and a half long battle with Glasgow City Council, and a two week long court case which resulted in a court order being put in place, requiring Glasgow City Council to send my son to the Craighalbert Centre. At the time of the court case, the school was only able to offer Aaron a two year placement because at that point they only schooled children up to the age of seven. For this reason the court order was made for a two year placement at the school. Since then the Craighalbert Centre has changed its policy and is now able to offer my son a place in the school for the rest of his Primary Education. Aaron loves his school. His needs are being met very well there, he is familiar with the staff, and all his friends are there.
Unfortunately, Aaron's Educational Psychologist , who works for Glasgow City Council, is doing everything in her power to get Aaron out of the Craighalbert Centre, despite the fact that he is happy and settled there, and the fact that she, herself has admitted that his needs are being met there. Because of her actions, I have been forced to put in a Placing Request to Glasgow City Council, to request that Aaron be allowed to stay in his school. This is currently in the hands of John Butcher, Head of Inclusion at Glasgow City Council. If my Placing Request is refused, I will have to take legal action and go to a tribunal to try to keep my son in his school. This will result in a tremendous amount of unnecessary upheaval for my family, myself, and most importantly my son. If Aaron is removed from the Craighalbert Centre, he will be taken out of a school which is catering specifically for his needs, where all of his friends are and where he is very happy, settled and is making good progress. Please could you go to to sign this petition and share it with your friends on Facebook, or any forums or groups you are involved in, to help Aaron to get the education and support he needs and deserves. If you put Glasgow City Council in the search box at, my petition will come up.

Thank you so much for your help x
Have signed.

Good luck, so much at stake.

Thank you so much, every signature counts. Image
Good luck warriormum.

Signed - but may I ask why on earth Aaron's educational psychologist is opposing you??

Signed too. I'm also curious as to why the Ed Psych is battling to get him removed. I had a quick look on the school site and notice that there are regular reviews by lots of different professionals as to whether the school is still appropriate. Are there any others involved such as a physio, OT, speech therapist and if so, are they supportive? What type of school is the Ed Psych suggesting? If your son is doing well in all areas and his teachers think so too, I would have thought that you would have good grounds to keep him where he is, especially as he is happy there.

I love his picture - that is a real gorgeous lad you have got there with a heartbreaking smile!
Signed the petition too.

Did I meet you on the facebook campaign "let Adam go to school?"

Good luck.xx
Thank you to everyone for all of your help and support.

I do not know why the Educational Psychologist wants to get my son out of his school. She, herself has admitted to me that the school is meeting his needs and that he is obviously happy and settled there. I have never had a straight answer from her as to why she and the Council want my son out of the school. I suspect it has something to do with money.

As far as the question of whether this school is appropriate or not for my son, all I can say is that a court of law ruled that this school was appropriate for my son. I feel that this is where his needs are best being met, and even the Council cannot deny that all of his needs are being met there.

This school has more therapeutic support for my son than any other school that the Council could offer. They have their own full time physiotherapists who work with the children and teachers every day, one of whom is a Neurological Paedeatric physiotherapist, which is especially beneficial for children with brain injuries and motor problems. The school also works closely with myself and all the other organisations involved in my son's care in order to make sure he gets the very best support, and the physios accompany me to his medical appointments at Yorkhill, where appropriate.

The support and love that have gone out to me and my son at this time is very touching. Severely disabled children are literally at the mercy of the adults around them and the decisions they make, good or bad. They cannot fight for themselves, so it is up to us as a society to fight for their best interests and make sure they get what is best for them.

Please keep spreading the message. have now put Aaron's petition on their homepage so it is easy to find, or you can use this web address

Thank you x
Hi Poppett,

I'm not sure if I met you on the Facebook campaign, Let Adam go to school. I often sign petitions for various different causes, so it is possible. Image