Carers allowance e-petition on line

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Is there a limit on how long a petition can run for? If 100,000 signatures are needed for it to be discussed in parliament - is it possible to extend the time the petition is open for?

The limit is usually a year, I think. Which really ought to be long enough...
The West Coast line petition has reached 120,000 signatures in a few days. Which makes me wonder where we are getting it all so badly wrong. Certainly presentation and topicality are crucial. You will not get that kind of volume of response unless the wording and topic exactly hit the nations mood at a given time: the best petitions hit the ground running and sweep all in their path. I think we need to ponder and learn from others success. Simply slagging off anyone who dares to suggest that professionalism is crucial is fine in principle, but so far, amateur efforts haven't delivered the goods for us: the best petitions are the product of a team effort in response to some big breaking news story; not an impassioned or angry individual on a late night rant.
The problem is how people perceive issues. Trains affect more people - at least they think they do. It's all about perception. We all understand trains, but nowhere near as many understand benefits or social care. Until it happens to them. And even then, the system is somewhat more complicated than buying a train ticket.