campaign to pay carers allowance to pensioners

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I've just come across this: ... rement-age

It really is unforgivable that those on a pension, but who are still caring for someone should lose out on the pittance that is carers allowance.

Please sign and pass on to those you know.

It is also wrong that DLA and carers allowance are stopped when a disabled adult child is in hospital but continues when it is a child under 18. Its nothing but discrimination!

I agree Eun. When you have the energy, start a petition.

Eun - When my son was in hospital for nearly a year when he was 2ish we lost both DLA and CA, so I'm not sure why you think it doesn't happen to under-18s.

I hope Robert is doing well and making progress. And that he isn't going stir-crazy.

Hello Emma

Some information that I came across; thought it may be helpful to yourself and other Carers here.

Carers allowance is not a reward for caring for someone, it is to all intents and purposes a payment in lieu of unemployment benefit because the carer is not available for employment and so is not entitled to unemployment benefit.

The rewards for a carer are met/paid from payments of Attendance Allowance for disabled pensioners or Disability Living Allowance for disabled people below pension age, if the disabled person chooses so to pay for care. That is what those payments are for, to help pay for the needs of the disabled person for their disability.

Not forgetting that a Carer is a voluntary role, if a person needs 24/7 care then this would be supplied by the NHS or council if there was not a Carer. As soon as someone claims CA it lets the NHS and the Council off the hook!

There will always be disputes about how much care a disabled person needs, this can be challenged through the appeal process and political input through Councillors/MPs help. Citizens advice and other organisations can help.
Signed and shared hope you get enough support x