Campaign to improve disabled access

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Let's nominate public buildings to win wheelchair ramps. Despite regulations, many businesses do not have disabled access for various reasons. Now they can win one for free if they sign up or are nominated here:
Thanks for the information Agnes - I agree that there is just not enough suitable disabled access despite the Equality Act saying that business must make reasonable adjustments for disabled people !
Also parking on pavements is inconsiderate and hazardous

for Guide Dogs and Pram pushers
Ramps are not just a "disabled" issue, mum's with prams and buggies, delivery people with trollies, postmen with trollies, even people with wheelie suitcase find ramps so much easier.
I can't understand why new buildings don't all have them as a matter of course. As they are required by legislation surely they should be part of the plans to be approved under Building Regulations?
We have a local hotel that has a ramp at the entrance and a good disabled toilet.
Problem is that all the bedrooms are on the first floor and there isn't a lift
or any way for disabled people to stay there !!