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I have decided to go forward in my petition regarding the new tax!!! that Medway council describe as free??? bus travel. I will leave this open for two weeks and hope that there are enough people out there who are in Medway, who this affects and who will be willing to sign. Lets see what we can acheive. Take Care Alison

To sign click onto http://

Thanks for your support Alison Image
Hi Alison,

Can those living outside Medway sign too to show our support??

Signed as I think that this petition needs all the support it can get. I don't live in Medway, so hope this is ok. My OH is going to post this on NSE & Epilepsy action. I'm also going to post this on the Princess Royal Trust for Carers forum page.
I'll put this on our board too Alison if that's OK - are non-Medway residents OK to sign, it's something all carers should support incase our own local authorities try a similar thing!

Paula xx
I am thrilled that people are interested and by all means anybody can sign the petition and put it on their own sites Medway or not as this has to be stopped ASAP. If this petition does not have much of an effect from the Medway suthorities, Scott and myself are not letting it go. Image

Good luck
Signed Alison - good luck with this!

Paula xx
Signed and Good Luck
Gordon Image
sign come on all get behind this
Signed,good luck.