Birmingham City has a fight on its hands!!

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Thanks again Chris. I managed to attend and help the latest petition by the local Farmers market and together we got approx 300 signatures. The stall holders came over too. Not one single person spoke for the closure. All where sympathetic to us.I urge any of you to sign. One day it might affect you and I will sign in support which ever way you choose.

Thanks Jeanette ... early days ... on my usual " Calender " for carers ... 2008 ... I hope the campaign bypasses 2009 ... the year that virtually killed all carer hopes stone dead ... and we are all still suffering as a result. ... hilit=2009
Hi Jeanette ... any progress ?

Suits now involved ?

All suits have priorities ... like winning the lottery , having one the same as yours ???

Or control still in the hands of the grass roots ?

Momentum is key ... keep it going at all costs !
1,186 have now signed the Petition posted earlier on this thread.

No recent news ... how are things progressing ?

Momentum ... the key to all movements.

Lose that and ... the road back to where one started from tends to be a lot longer.

Petition now stands at 1,190 ... less than a hundred in 2 months.

Nothing in the news updates since those posted earlier.

One can only assume that the campaign has stalled ?
Sorry it has been such a long time in answering but my daughter has been in hospital and I stayed with her. We are still fighting the City council but staff are leaving ,and I cant blame them.Still meetings ,still no consultation as I understand it.We have been offered Advocates and a Social Worker but nothing out there for my daughter as far as I am aware. As I said before ,it is making people ill with the worry and this City couldnt care less.In my opinion It is after money from the land possibly to go toward the 2020 Commonwealth Games which we can afford surprisingly. Seems to me in this day and age money/prestige and not people (especially the disabled) seems to be the priority. Am so ashamed of my City and it lack of concern/care of the most vulnerable.I always felt it was a leader in the past.Another meeting happening on Monday so will try to update you about the outcome.Am VERY pessimistic about the outcome.