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Taking social services to court/the papers - Carers UK Forum

Taking social services to court/the papers

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Does anyone have any links with the national papers or solicitors prepared to help a family fighting social services neglect of children. I have a blatant discrimination case with legal advisors agreeing but no one to hear it, sadly I can’t afford legal as I can’t work due to taking care of four special needs children who receive no assistance from the local authority. We were in proceedings 2years who where the LA were ordered to put support in place and it’s never happened I have complained repeatedly followed their complaints procedure to the t and now I’ve tried to challenge with the LGO they are attempting to discredit me by saying I’m not mentally well and today I’ve had a referral sent and an app made for me to attend a community mental health team and get assessed.
I don’t know why no one will hear us. Please help and thanks in advance x
A topic very few family carers would have had first hand experience of that far down the line ?

Numerous links will be revealed on any search engine for ... SOCIAL SERVICES LEGAL CHALLENGES LAWYERS.

Legal aid ? Separate thread elsewhere ... now a MAJOR problem for anyone without means ... as if it were , really , any different before ?

A more important question ... any recommendations ?

I can only quote Clint Eastwood ... in character ... as Dirty Harry :

" Feel lucky punk ? "

Slightly left field but ... like a horse race ... study the form ... some stand more chance of winning than others ?

... and there's always that 20-1 outsider that confounds all ?

Like all in the legal profession , they're in it for the money as well as the prestige ... don't be sucked in from whatever advertising they use !

Win or lose ... they still get paid !

Principles ? Yes ... at a price ?

Another route might be the Local Government Ombudsman ( Although your posting indicates otherwise ? ) :


Child Care fact sheet :

http://www.lgo.org.uk/make-a-complaint/ ... e-services

Supporting organisation for the caree ?

Might only be able to hold your coat but ... they have contacts ... ?

Good luck with your endeavours.
Legal aid IS available for your children, subject to income information. If it's a matter concerning them, it's their income which is considered. My son, aged 38, brain damaged was granted Legal Aid 6 months ago.
Have you made a "Subject Access Request" to the council? If not, do this asap to find out what they have been writing about you behind your back. Prepare to be shocked. My LA also said behind my back they thought I had a mental condition. In the end they were made to apologise.
Thanks Chris, will bare that in mind. Hi bowlingbun, I’ve requested subject access reports three times and been refused. No manager will speak to me other than head of customer relations who I’ve complained to for almost a year hence me progressing with the LGO unfortunately we’ve never had any minutes taken in any meetings over the last three years.
I have challenged the social services policy (for receiving services) staying their criteria goes against the equality act and children’s act. I have a solicitor who agreed but he informed me they’re only legal aid for domestic violence cases or when social services start proceedings as neither is the case no one will help me. Even our local councillor and no have spoken to the cabinet minister for children’s services just not getting anywhere and don’t know how much longer I can fight. They have gone above and beyond to make me look inept and I truly believe why’re waiting for a crisis to happen so they can remove my children, something they’ve done once already following my daughters stillbirth (caused by an attack by my ex partner I’d already fled from, they removed the other children on the day of her funeral and I had to fight for them back, the judge ordered them home and ordered a full supervision order so they could provide support whilst keeping the kids at home this has never happened and every professional involved says they’ll help until they’re reminded they work for the council) I can’t cope much longer with the persecution about my mental health which is STABLE at this point but for how much longer. We receive no respite, no assessments, no personal budget or support groups, my children haven’t even had therapy offered to them. I feel completely lost :(
If you can prove when you made an SAR, and they refused, contact the Information Commissioner's office, as they are breaking the law.
As for legal aid, you've been given duff information. Google where you live, plus legal aid, and you should find some approved solicitors.
Write to the LA, post it Special Delivery, requesting updated Needs Assessments for all four children plus a Carers Assessment for yourself.
I could write a book about all my battles getting services for my 38 year old son with brain damage. Stick around and you'll see what I mean!!!