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Petition for Reform of the Care System -Carers UK Forum

Petition for Reform of the Care System

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None of you need me to tell you that the system for care of the elderly doesn't work particularly well.

A system which relies on the goodwill of carers who are prepared to sacrifice their jobs, homes and pension prospects is storing up trouble for the future and, in the long term, isn't good for the elderly, the carers or the country.

There's no quick or easy answer to this problem, but we need to start looking for possible solutions soon, so I've set up a petition asking the government to establish a Royal Commission to investigate the social and economic implications of the crisis. You can find the petition at


A Royal Commission isn't the answer to the problem, but it seems to be the best prospect of reforming the system to ensure a secure future for all of us.

You can follow the progress of the petition on Blogger at


Thanks for any help you can give.
Done...Good Luck
Done, but please bear in mind that this government set up a Royal Commission a few years ago and refused to accept its findings: free care for the elderly.
True, and most of that Royal Commission's recommendations are sound and should be acted on, but they weren't set up to do any thing more than "have regard" to the views of carers. A lot has changed since the Commission reported, in particular the development of the pensions crisis which is going to be an even bigger problem than anyone is expecting if it means that the present generation of carers are left in financial difficulties in their own old age.

What I think we need is a new Royal Commission to examine the problem again, paying particular attention to the plight of carers, after all, carrying out a new investigation is going to be a lot cheaper than ignoring the problem and hoping it goes away.
Have signed. Good Luck. Image

]Did not see this one before and have just signed it - you might try posting it on a few message boards, the BBC Have your Say is a good one - also the Guardian Unlimited - cut and paste it and ask people to spread the word, also try the PRCT and other carer orgs... I did this for someone else' petitition and it got quite a few more signatures - would do it for you but am up to my eyes in stuff at the moment.....good luck
Signed it. Image