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Beggars belief?? - Carers UK Forum

Beggars belief??

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Whilst signing a petition for a friend, non carer related, I came across this....


We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Allow the Red Arrows to Fly at the 2012 Olympics. More details

Submitted by Mark Standley – Deadline to sign up by: 17 September 2008 – Signatures: 234,406


Note the number of names added.If we could only get a fraction of that support we would be laughing.
Well it just goes to show where peoples priorities lay this is why carers issues have to be got out there noticed which was I suugeested the hard hitting add campaign, our issues need to put out there and shoved in peoples faces before we can expect to get ant support from the public and media and then we will have some clout with the politicians softly softly approach is not and has not worked.
Until you suddenly become a carer - and let's face it, it is suddenly for most - you have no idea of the problems ahead. So it is only those of us who are carers that would sign carers petitions.

Petitions such as the Red Arrows "affect" far more people in the UK so are going to attract more hits. Sad but true.
if one of the rad arrows was a Carer..............it would have national media coverage.

Les face, we are kept in the dark for a reason, ........they want to keep us there,

The government could very easily prioritise Carers issues if it wanted to........but I doesn't want to. The only way things will work if Carers look to the future as one,and work collectively as one.........not as individuals, "its all for one and all for one". either that we are going to be ignored and thrown token scraps
I've had FIVE emails about the Red Arrows petition, asking me to sign the damn thing.

Not one about anything I consider to be important.
Forget the Red Arrows flying at the Olympics - if the Government put a fraction of the overspend on staging the b****y games into improving the lives of carers we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place Image

Paula xx