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Are Any Of These " Rogues " Your MP ? - Carers UK Forum

Are Any Of These " Rogues " Your MP ?

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While I'm waiting from my local mp to respond on the two issues detailed under separate threads ..... Carers Travel Concessions & CA : 21 Hour Rule , I've been thinking ahead to our next move.

The following are all members of the All Party Carers Group in the House :

Rt Hon. Alistair Burt
Alex Cunningham
Mims Davies
Jack Dromey
Caroline Lucas
Dr Dan Poulter
Angela Rayner
Dr Eilidh Whiteford

Any readers have the good fortune / misfortune of having one of these as their mp ?

If so , have you approached one on carer related issues ? Response ?

June will be an " Interesting " month ... Carers Strategy announced ( ? ) and Carers Day in the House.

Need to be fully armed if , and a very big IF , I manage to make some progress.

A mere £ 500 Million or so at stake for these 2 issues alone ....

Anyone interested , a slice of that may have your name on it !

Carers strategy ? Little hope beyond a fresh tin hat , and hoping that trench was dug deep enough.

21 Hour rule ? Flies in the face of present Governmnet policy ... If you're not dead , work ! Workforce must be educated to match foreign competitiors ... okay , then why the restiction for so many willing to further their skills with the benefit of further education ?

Time for us to prove that , in CarerLand , pigs can fly !


For once , George Osborn was right ... WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER !

And please , come July , don't let the *** beep *** taunt us with ... " 6 million of you and that's all you could muster ? Pathetic ! Back in your trenches , gulag for the ring leader ! "

What a surprise , sent home again ?

Being strapped in a chair as was Alex in Clockwork Orange , not a nice young lady for me , reruns of my beloved O' s glorious defeats ... anything please to spare me that !
Chris, I have moved this to Campaigns section.

I truly hope the nets you have cast so wide will bring you a catch and others will assist you in bringing it home so to speak.

x x
Thanks R ... shame the Voice itself cannot ask the same question ?

Just one out of .... 6 million ... this month is my 7th. back on the forum.

In my 7 year absence , anyone else being doing anything similiar ?

Think on that for a long minute or two.

And my caring days ended some 9 years ago.

Why should I bother ?
Chris, one of the MPs is ours. S and I have met him and he has supported us with an issue, it wasn't directly related to caring but the cause had a big effect on my caree and my stress levels - I explained all this and he helped us to get the issue resolved.

Thanks Melly , on behalf of all carers , much appreciated.

I have in mind similiar emails to the one I sent to my local mp ( For the Worksop Gulag constituency ) to all the APCG mps , changed slightly to " Remind " them of the issues should John not be forthcoming.

My initial goal is to leave none of them no place to hide.

It would be somewhat ironic if none of the APCG mps turned up on Carers Day ... Hansard report of proceedings do not include a tombstone of those present beyond those who spoke and were not asleep , or playing space invaders , at the time.

A Group ready made , all we need is a foot in the door. Having a place across the table probably out of the question.

Carers would need to brush up on their table manners first ?

Perhaps the odd belch would not go amiss ?

And , no , save that to after you hear their proposals !

And not before the brandy and cigars are on the table , we don't want to miss out on that treat do we ? Some carers fortunate enough to pay tax helped pay for them in the first place !

Well , I'm not on a commission , or paid a £ xx,xxx per annum salary by carers , so ... why not for once ?
Almost forgot the free travel element ... apologies !!!

That's only worth around £ 18,000 per day to carers ... monies actually " 'Alf inched " from your pocket / purse !!!

If David Blunkett was still around , you would be entitled to growl at his dog ... that mutt travels free ... the dog , silly !

Must do my homework first ... but no longer than 21 hours worth ???

For one lady member of our team , a chance to ease her aching feet. History does repeat itself ... for residents of the Jarrow Gulag ?????????