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The following site has a down loadable copy of the Royal College of Psychiatrists response to the NICE recommendations to withdraw NHS Funding for dementia drugs. Its a good site with open courses but looks like it is just getting off the ground. It also has a downloadable letter to your MP with a section for a carer to add a name or a memory of someone special. The letter requests the MP to respond and to give attention to the alzheimers drugs problem and to say how he would like to help the "hands off dementia drugs "campaign which is being run by the Alzheimer disease society.

If the link below dosnt help just type in Admiral Nurses

Eva Rebecca
Meant to add on Campaigns and Events when you get there and go down to a title called campaigning there will be a link to

Action on ALzheimers Drugs Alliance
Thx for highlighting this one again Eva.

Quite a few of us have already supported this but was quite some time ago.Its good that you have brought it to the forefront again though for those that may not be aware of it.

MS word doc link ... forget.doc

PDF link ... forget.pdf

Plus petition to no 10..closes 10 Jan 2008

Hope you are well

Thanks Rosemary.
Thought it might be a bit old hat. The ban dos,nt come in until the 14th of this month so people can still ask for a prescription for one more week ........ no time is it.
Have had my head down for a bit but was glad that i found it . i couldnt think of the name of the sight or the nursey one as have been so tired of late.

My dad is a bit better new drug for prostatism working at last and he is sleeping through the night as he doesnt nedd to get up to the loo. And they said his alzheimers was deteriorating......... a good nights sleep does you the power of good.

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