Action Duchenne Lobby of the Scottish Parliament

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Robert is speaking at this lobby regarding the lack of services for young adults with DMD next Wednesday evening at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. He has managed to get Eleanor Bradford of BBC Scotland to agree to come along and do a piece to raise awareness, so fingers crossed everything goes ok.

Fingers crossed Eun, let us know how it all goes. x x
Good luck, keep us posted please

x x
Best wishes to Robert: a splendid advocate.
All the very best to him. Quite an achievement!

(And wouldn't it be nice if the MPs all thought to themselves, 'Gosh, all the taxpayers' money we lavished on this magnificent Parliament building might have been better spent on young people like the one speaking to us who have so, so little of the public purse directed at them....'

But I don't think they will, do you?).......

(It's always stunned me that EVEN WHEN you have senior politicians, even Prime Ministers, like both Cameron with his late son with cerebral palsy, and Brown with his CF child, who have direct personal experience of the difficulties and pressures of a child with severe health issues, STILL DO NOT divert more public money to them, and STILL continue to waste it on a million, million utterly unnecessary and less important things.....Unbelievable.)