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This is my local authority :mad:
Joy for elderly couple after council backtracks on decision to rip them apart after 70 years together
http://www.shieldsgazette.com/news/joy- ... -1-8211550

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Good result, and many thanks to those of you who rallied round: (there were many)! but why should it take 20k signatures to force the Council to do the right thing? And why should distraught rellys have to create petitions - what about all those couples with nobody to advocate for them?
Hi ,just got an email telling me the good news ,i remember another case like this in the 80s or 90s ,can't remember the outcome .
Scally ,don't know ,in that case the councils give a sigh of relief and get away with it.
Decisions like this one are made by officials almost totally divorced to life on the outside for too many of us.

Sure , a few from the depths will rise up the food chain but just how many organisations are run by managers with a working knowledge gained through experience at the coalface ?

Health and social care a prime example. Just how many managers are taking daily decisions in the NHS without any knowledge of the tasks to be undertaken ? Social care ? For most social workers , perhaps a degree in The Bleeding Obvious would be more beneficial ?