A Million Names Needed To Help Carers

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just added my paw print on that one
Done too, this is the sort of thing we need to get everyone we know to sign. Well done Care2 for running this Image
Sorry, but the petition asks for far too much information for my liking. Had it been on the Prime Minister's website, I would have signed it more than willingly.

As some of you will know, I refused to take part in the CUK online questionnaire because it asked for details I did not want to give but which were mandatory fields.

The petition also makes a statement that the government is breaking the Human Rights Act. While I do believe this to be true, it has yet to be settled in a court of law. And I am no lawyer.
Charles, you can sign as anonymous, just had a look and some people have.

Does the person who created this petition know that you are
seeking support for the petition through this charity site?
Cheryl----does it really matter?--You say in another post- it shouldn't matter who does what.

You really are starting to look very vindictive!

Regards Ken

Ken, yes it does matter. What I said in the other post is what should happen.

It's the view which most reasonable people would take. But it is not the view of
the author of that petition, is it?

You explain it to me Ken.
Why should it be alright for one person to slate everyone elses views, opinions,
efforts etc, then ask for, and expect support for something their doing?

That's not vindictive, that's the truth, that is what is happening. Isn't it?
A Million Names Needed To Help Carers

should be more like "Never In A Million Years"