38 degrees campaign for the abolition of DLA reform

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I don't know whether anyone has voted for the campaign idea to 'Abolish the reform of DLA,' which has been running on the 38 degrees site? They've got nearly 2,000 vote for this BUT they've now changed the focus of the idea to 'The coalition are considering assessing children in their DLA shake up'. Obviously this is important too, but a lot of people are angry as this is not what they voted for, and somehow the message doesn't seem to have the same impact.
There seem to be a lot of problems with this campaign website at the moment, and I would suggest folk keep their powder dry until these are sorted out:


This is a randomly selected response] thank you so much 38 degrees for shafting us. I'm out of here! I will move my votes but I will NEVER trust this site again! P*** up and brewery spring to mind.[/quote]
This is a post 38 degrees put on their Facebook page:
[quote]"Hello David Babbs here. I'm sorry about the issues with the Campaigns Suggestions forum. Here's what happened]
Just had this from 38 degrees -

'Thanks for getting in touch. We have had some problems with the campaigns suggestions page and the DLA suggestion has been unintentionally merged.

We've been trying to press 'undo' on all the changes by restoring everything to how it was on Friday and can't get it to work. Which is a pain. So we're going to have to try to fix it manually - will start working on that this afternoon.

Sorry about this and thanks for your patience.'