21 HOUR RULE : CA : Eligibility / Studying / Developments

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Day 19 ... nothing in from the NUS.

I'll give them until the 23rd. October ... one callender month ... before " Gently " approaching them again.

If we are to move forward , best done in collabration with them as opposed to flying solo through my local mp.

Feel free to add any comments ... after all , I will not gain anything from this Issue.

.... but hundreds of thousands of others just might !!!
Thanks to the Eye , another politician reaffirms his belief in education being a major priority :


As per our inhouse heckler for the previous incumberent :

" What about carers and students with caring duties being excluded , squire ? "
Just to record one comment from a CarerWatch blog , 2010 , I came across whilst searching the old archives on another issue ... always the way ?
Jayne Stevens Says:

16 October 2010 at 17:02 | Reply

I have a real-life issue with carers allowance right now, in the fact that my carers allowance has been stopped because I am attending a ‘full-time’ uni course which is in fact 11 hours taught (total 20 hours including homework as per tutor). Previous legislation considered full-time to be over 21 hours but when I rang to clarify last week was told that in the last week it had been changed and there was no definition of hours and CA would be stopped forthwith. My argument is that my caring responsibilities remain the same and when Im at Uni my son is at school and I do my homework at home to make sure I am always around if he needs me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if anyone has similar issues please contact me.

Jayne .... cold comfort some 7 years later but .... hundreds of thousands of students with caring duties / current carers needing to brush up / improve their educational prospects once the caring ends ... have also fallen victim to this abhorrent rule !!!
Copy of my email just sent to the NUS hierarchy :

Ladies ... a callender month since I was last in contact.

21 Hour Rule ?

Certainly hundreds if not low thousands now not enrolled
in further education courses which have recently commenced
in this year alone.

Even with the House seemingly otherwised engaged in dithering
over Brexit and the UC rollout , Social Care is waiting in the
wings ... and will be pushed forward as breaks in the system
become more apparent.

Then , a clear opening for carers to make their presence felt ...
through individual mps as opposed to anything else.

As an opener , two issues :

21 Hour Rule / Free Public Transport

You will be aware from past emails of the background to both.

The question ... are the NUS in or out when it comes to the
presenting both issues ... particularly the first as there is a clear
overlap of mutual interest.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to contact me for any further , or background ,


I will publish any reply ... identities removed to apprease the " Watchers. "

Still no news as to which mps will constitute the next All Party Carers Group ... now 4 months since the GE.

No doubt , the House's version of " Speed dating " has yet to take place ?
Still no reply from the NUS.

Okay , nothing ventured , nothing gained.

In line wth the Travel issue , little more I can do other than to diarise forward.

One shot at the most ... the timing is crucial !
Seek and ye shall find ?

Another potential player ... Learning and Work Institute ( L & W ) ... Guardian article back in 2015 ... recommendation to remove the 21 Hour Rule.

A copy of my email to them follows ... copies also to my two contacts at the NUS :

Hi ...

The abhorrent 21 hour rule which has blighted the lives of
thousands of student carers , and family carers , from seeking
further education ( Students ) and re-education / training ( Family )
to enhance future employment prospects.

Long thread on this very Issue on the Carers UK forum :

CUK : 21 Hour Rule thread

As I type , very much in limbo as the House continues
their pantomine with others issues ... very much a case
of timing ... future Carers Strategy timing unknown ....
probably moved up in the timetable if events force the
Government to act sooner than they anticipate.

Anything to add , or recommend , from your end ?


Probably a dead end but ... no stone should be left unturned !!!!
Nothing from any source ... we really are on our own with this one ... no great surprise ???

There is support ... and there is support ?

We support ... who out there supports us ?

Too many white feathers around ... non combatants ... support ?

What do the late 60s card carrying students make of the silence on this issue from the NUS ?

Must be a few others amongst our ranks ... 6 million + ... a few hundred still left on here ?

In those days , a " Coup d'etat " within hours ???

A few might now be in our " Marvellous " care homes ?

" Time for bed , grannie. It's 7 o'clock , way past your bedtime. "

" Don't you grannie me. I was at Greenham Common you know ! "

" Sounds nice . Big house , lovely garden , nice view ? "

If that's typical of this Sad New World , should we just give up all hope ? ... which is exactly what the System wants us to do ?

" Know your place , and don't ever forget it ... we throw you enough scraps from our table as it is ... don't ask for anything more ! "

Not much difference from the days when there really was a Lord on one's manor ?

Diarise forward in line with the Travel thread ... a question of timing.