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2011 : Hardest Hit Campaign - Carers UK Forum

2011 : Hardest Hit Campaign

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Dead url.link .... anyone know if this is still active., or a back burner job ?

Given what we all seeing out there , seems incredible if this one was allowed to flounder ?

One does not leave a battlefield without , at least , firing off a couple of shots ?

Carers / carees ... we are still in the trenches holding back the overwelcoming forces !

We need our artillery to aid us in the front line.

Artillery , can you hear us ?

Silly question really ?

" Well General , 100 yards for 50,000 casualties , was it worth it ? "

" Of course ! Another 50,000 tomorrow for ... 125 yards ! Reserves total 5.9 million , already to go to the slaughter ! Even some in the front line as young as 5 , and as old as 95 , such is their wiiling to preserve the System , and my pension ! Old Lord Kitch did his bit with that poster of his , some say a thousand a week signing up ! "

http://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-camp ... scue-27982

" But General , the enemy trenches are one mile away ! "

" Yes , but ... must go , high tea in the Senior Officiers' mess in a couple of minutes. "

History does have a habit of repeating itself ?

Carers UK has joined with around 40 other disability, illness and care charities to launch a campaign against cuts to disability benefits called The Hardest Hit. The Government is planning to cut a total of £9 billion from the benefits of disabled people and their families, which would be utterly devastating for many families already struggling to make ends meet.

We’ve developed a campaign website launched today which you can find at http://www.hardesthit.org.uk – giving details of the cuts; stories from disabled people and their families; and three key actions for individuals:

Writing to your MP – using a quick online form.
Protesting on 11th May – we are organising a mass march and protest outside Parliament.
Protesting online – asking disabled people and carers to send in stories, photos and videos to use on the site.

How you can help

We want this campaign to be big, and need your help to get it off the ground. In particular we want to create a buzz online and for MPs to receive a lot of letters from their constituents – so that they know how much carers and disabled people depend on these benefits and what the impact of these cuts would be on their lives.

You can help by:

If you have a Facebook account please ‘Like’ the Hardest Hit campaign page, which you can find by visiting http://www.hardesthit.org.uk and clicking the Facebook button on the right hand side.
Fill in the online form to send a message to your MP in a personal capacity (please don’t use your Carers UK email address, as MPs may get confused as to whether you’re writing on behalf of Carers UK) – there is an option to fill it in as a member of the public, or for disabled people or carers.

We will keep you updated on the campaign as it progresses.

Many thanks,

Steve McIntosh
Senior Policy and Public Affairs Officer
The website does not seem to exist any more but they do still use their FB page. here are a few of my own pics taken on the HH March.

x x


The one with the black and white scarf kindly escorting that friendly looking policeman to his van ?

On closer inspection , two friendly looking policemen ?

With a third friendly looking policeman ready to be escorted as well , truncheon at the ready ?

Looks like their dog is also pleased to see you. Ain't 'ad 'is brekkies yet !

Somewhat ironic taking the wrong turn ... weren't the Toon away at the Bridge ?

And they got a right old 'ammering there as well !

A Met spokesperson said afterwards ...
" The Met has a good relationship with all tourists who spend their hard earned cash in our stores and restaurants , and cause us no problems.

It's the *** beep *** English ones we can't stand !

Most of 'em broke , scruffy , foul mouthed , rowdy and picking fights with some our locals during the football season ..... and that's just the women ! "
I hope they returned your passport , needed twice on the road back to ToonLand.

Even offered a newer pair of shoes for the traditional 200 odd miles walk ?

History ?

1926 ... pointless coming down as no one was prepared to act.

2011 ... you return pointless as on one could stop Chelski on the day ?

2018 ... a compromise ... same coloured scarf ... don't follow the crowd as you'll land up in Tescos / ASDA .... Gateshead v Leyton Orient ... 3 points guaranteed and only an eight mile round trip through the wasteland inbetween ?