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Help, I can't read any of the messages, they are all in Chinese!!!!
Spam ... as in Monty Python ?

And , no ... not the poor person's Sunday joint !

Even in food banks , a tin of spam is often " Left behind " ... even those less fortunate have their pride ?

Staple meal for many during the Second World War ... even the Yanks donated theirs to the cause ... " No great surprise there , then ? "


Thank the Monty Python team for that word when applied to ... junk mail , Internet style.


One thing we CAN all agree on ???

" Whose Monty Python ? "

Well ... there's always a few ???
Sorry Irene they were all spam !

We get them all the time - but often one of us mods gets to remove them before you see them
See ... nobody buys spam anymore.
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Thu Jun 28, 2018 1:50 pm
See ... nobody buys spam anymore.
Just a few anglers, although Spam was never my luncheon meat of choice as it's a bit soft and the eels can pull it off the hook too easily, the cheaper stuff often worked much better as it has a higher fat content.

This one enjoyed a bit of luncheon meat. (It's a Barbel ( barbus barbus) for the uninitiated.