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This morning ... 8.05 - 9.35 am ... stopped counting after that.

Probably 5 since 9.35 am.

Online constantly although mainly working in other " Windows. "
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Wed May 16, 2018 12:27 pm
This morning ... 8.05 - 9.35 am ... stopped counting after that.

Probably 5 since 9.35 am.

Online constantly although mainly working in other " Windows. "
If you're getting "bad gateway" messages when visiting sites other than CUK, then it's likely that the fault is not with CUK's server ? Maybe with the server that your IP address is linked to ?
Purely Carers UK site , Susie.

One site I do frequent running on similar software has not experienced any " Bad gateways " since I first surfed in ... from memory ... in 1999 ... perhaps being Canadian helps ?

Love it or hate it , Tapatalk tends to be the software of choice on many forums.
Nothing else for it ... trawl through the Racing Post tomorrow ... 14 so far today , intermittent , 8.10 am to 4.20 pm.

Racing in Ireland ?

That's stretching your running joke a little too far ?

As would " 502 " running in at the 4 o'clock at Fairyhouse in Ireland tomorrow ?

£ 1 on the nose to be sure , to be sure !

Might even test that " Disclaimer " , the subject of another recent thread , on the subject of false advertising if that nag falls at the third !!!
I'm still getting them, and the "you are not authorised to use the forum" (sometimes I've told my tablet "Yes I b**** well am!") and I think it was yesterday, I had a similar, but different message. Can't remember what it was, as it was before I'd had a tea or coffee. I'll try to remember to put a post here next time it happens.
As for "remember me" that never seems to work on my tablet, it's better, but not perfect, on my PC.
Whilst I know what to do to get over this, I just worry about new people giving up.
I tried using the forum on my mobile phone when I was away, so difficult I gave up quickly.
I was replying to a PM the other day and it said I wasn't authorised to read private messages! I said the same, yes I bl**** well am. I managed to get the message sent. Would have been very frustrated if I couldn't reply to a PM.
It would be a pity if newbies gave up, I agree BB
I've had to 're log in 4 times today. I usually stay in all the time and haven't logged myself out.

Had a couple of bad gateways too, but a back or refresh sorts them

Hope the gremlins aren't coming back
Sorry to hear about the recent problems on the forum. I thought it had been behaving quite well recently and it must have been frustrating to have all the error messages. I'll let the IT support know on Monday.
I'm still getting lots of not authorised messages, bad gateways, loss of icons, can't attach images, minute print means need a magnifying glass when eyes are tired ... problems all still exist and never went away, Michael, just seems a waste of time reporting them.

Most probably , a newer , more modern , forum software ... perhaps Tapatalk ... will be on the menu.

After a while for readers to adjust , there are definite advantages.

However , and given previous forum changes , there will always be a significant minority wanting the old system back.

A case of the devil you know ?

As events which will determine our future move ever closer ... The Green Paper on Social Care ... the very last thing anyone will want is a continuing decline in postings / traffic.
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