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Thanks to all - I don't know if I've missed any messages but I can rarely offer useful advice. I can get through on the second try as I said.
By the way, I just got a bad gateway message again, and I haven't got a back button (I assume that means an arrow in my browser that lets me return). It's OK, I just opened the site again and it went well.
Just out of curiosity , kept a scoreboard over a seven day period.

Saturday , 10 March to Friday , 16 March ... 17 recorded.

On Firefox / Windows Vista / JPROSILVER , refreshing the web page cures this annoying problem.

Day 61 since the this thread was started ...
I get them occasionally and randomly, but a refresh solves it
If there was a horse running called BAD GATEWAY , I would never forgive myself for not backing it if it won ... the number of " Pop up ads " over a day let alone a week / month for said beast I've seen !
I've had quite a few "Bad Gateways" today too !
21 inside 90 minutes this morning.

Must trawl today's Racing Post ... ???
Thanks for letting us know Chris - sorry to hear you had so many 'bad gateway' messages in one session. I'll let the IT support know.

Cheers Michael.

False alarm.

No nag of that name running today.
Hi Chris - our IT support have asked if you can let us know the timeframe when you experienced all the 'Bad Gateway' messages. Please can you let me know roughly when you started your forum session and when you finished.


68 posts