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Thanks. I'll try that next time.
I've just had another one. Typed a 10 line reply, bad gateway message appeared, used the back arrow, post disappeared. No time to retype. Blast!
Hi BB ... try REFRESH ... as opposed to the back arrow ... should work.

I experienced 3 " 502s " so far this morning ... hitting REFRESH took me where I instructed the computer to go.
Thought I'd double check to see how many users online, just TWO! Offices should be closed today.
Mary Celeste at most times after 5pm on Friday and before 8 am on Monday.

Only the " Sunday drivers " over the weekend ... anything other than a " Help " virtually unknown.

At times , even CarerWatch suffered from the same ... as if the weekend was used for pondering before the next wave was launched on the Monday.

Weekend ? For many carers , said term has no meaning.
Just had the bad gateway message again.
Me too! Just as I had read yours BB.
I've already alerted Michael as I got the same message earlier.
Oh dear , 3 " Bad Gateways " so far today ... on the new server ?
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:58 pm
Oh dear , 3 " Bad Gateways " so far today ... on the new server ?
Hi Chris,
those bad gateway posts were posted before this weekends server upgrade ... So fingers crossed and all that.

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