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I can't see how your post 'Chris' has anything to do with what I originally posted.
In reply to Melly's last post ... on the REPLY function ... ?
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Tue Oct 24, 2017 1:21 pm
REPLY TO POST function ?

On the NEW forum , accessing Carers UK through a search engine , there is no facilty to reply.

Only available on the DEFAULT forum.

Reflected in the postings and traffic decrease we are all seeing.

Said fault already reported under that separate thread.
Chris please keep on topic - your comments about the Reply tab have been noted on the forum troubleshooting topic, posting further comments willy-nilly on other topics will not get the issue resolved any quicker (and are likely to be missed by IT and Admin).
Greta wrote:
Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:15 am
I just logged in to answer this. I am not usually able to reply. I have had 4 notifications indicated for a week or two. Yesterday I clicked on Notifications at the top right and deleted them, but the figure 0 was soon replaced by 4 again. However, the next day I logged in it was gone. It seems to take a while to be registered.
Greta - if you are unable to reply to any posts because the "reply" tab is missing, please refresh the page as this usually as the desired effect of making it appear !
If not please either add a comment to this topic ... -you-30678 or email Admin with details of your problem (preferably with a screenshot if you can).
I'm now trying Safari instead of Firefox. I have had some problems occasionally with Firefox, and certainly refreshing the page didn't help or anything else. I just assumed the problem was ongoing for everyone. It may be OK for me on Safari though.
Please report it as advised by Susie, not everyone accessing the forum would know how to change browser and the forum needs to work for everyone.

Thank you,

I'm just reporting back that Michael has been helping me, relaying advice from the IT team, but although I deleted all my cookies I am still in the same position: in order to reply to posts I have to log in and log out again. If I understood Michael correctly, the IT team person did something to correct my problems, and if I deleted all my cookies it would work for me.