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Sending private messages - Carers UK Forum

Sending private messages

Includes forum rules and technical help.

I'm new to the forum and just trying to get my head around all the different variations of messages etc. I'm a bit confused about how public the messages I send are. I notice that many of the messages here contain the PM icon but I'm not really sure what that means.

I see in the User Control Panel that I have the option to compose a private message but not sure if that is only used to send to one other user, as opposed to posting on a forum topic.

When I compose a message to go on a particular forum or to reply to a message I don't seem to have the option to include the PM icon.

I can't seem to find a section on private messages in the FAQs so any tips gratefully received!
Hello Ali

Private Messages are messages sent from one member to another and will not appear anywhere on the forum boards When reading a post from another member if you wish to send them a PM then click on the PM icon and a new message box will appear - type your message and submit in the usual way.

PM's you send and receive are stored in your User Control Panel (tab in purple banner) and then click on "Private Messages" tab.

Within the Forum itself there are some sections that are marked "PRIVATE" in the Index (like Carers Health Issues and Members Corner) - these sections are NOT in the public domain, they can only be read by Forum Members.

Providing you are not using your real name and are discreet about any personal information you post then the Forum is a safe place to post :)
Thanks, Susie, that makes more sense now.