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This morning I sent an email to the advice team, via email.
I nearly gave up, because I really, really struggled to read the fuzzy letters to prove I was real. It was very difficult to work out if I was supposed to put in a "1" or an "l". Can I suggest to those responsible that they stop using these two very, very similar symbols.
I had to use the refresh button about 5 times before I could sort this out. A less determined/more stressed person might have given up at this hurdle!!!
Can I suggest to those responsible that they stop using these two very, very similar symbols
not sure that anyone can actually do this BB as far as I'm aware the 'system' generates the code automatically without any 'human' intervention ! When I've had to enter a code on other forums/websites I've frequently had to refresh the page as I've had difficulty reading the auto-generated code too :shock:
There are simpler and easier forms of CAPTCHA such as for example adding 2+3=
CAPTCHA is incredibly user-unfriendly.
Some systems give the option of hearing the letters. Odd that our "disability" website is so unfriendly!!!
Hi BowlingBun,

Thanks for raising this. Two issues here, which I'll address separately!

Firstly, there is no Captcha system where you have to prove you are real when you email the Carers UK Adviceline directly at - this is just a normal email, and the team will respond within five working days.

I think you must have been using our general enquiry form:

Secondly, I appreciate your feedback about the Captcha system on the general enquiry form being difficult to use, and not very disability-friendly. As Scally said we may be able to get some friendlier alternatives, so I'll feed this information back to our web team.

Hope this answers your question - do let me know if not!


Hi Kate, if that is the case, then I used the wrong form. Maybe that part of the system needs to be clearer too, in that case? I'm not trying to be nit picky, just trying to suggest a few tweaks to a wonderful system better. Keep up the good work. We need you all more than ever with all the cuts.