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Seems to be fine this morning - hurrah! Thank you to the tecchies (hoping it lasts). :)
jenny lucas wrote:Seems to be fine this morning - hurrah! Thank you to the tecchies (hoping it lasts). :)
Unfortunately Jenny it's NOT yet fixed as the problem is bigger than originally thought :(
Hope to have some better news later !
I can't believe I've just got the reply button back and the other forum areas, on a Sunday afternoon. I don't even know how long I've had this problem, but the 'new posts' thinks I have seen it all without a break. I wasn't just excluded from the members' area either. Thanks to whoever sorted it out.
Hi Greta,
Glad you were able to post today! The forum still has issues unfortunately, they appear to be intermittent. Admin and the techies are formulating a plan. Re New posts, the posts displayed are the most recent new posts, the button doesn't display all new posts since your last visit. Also, the number of posts are likely to be down, due to the current technical issues.

Sorry to tell you folks but the problem hasn't been sorted yet although it does seem to be OK sporadically !

We hope to have some definite news for you all towards the end of next week.

You should have received the following email which was sent out to members last week
I’m sorry for the continuing technical problems you may be experiencing with the forum. I appreciate how frustrating this can be. We’ve been liaising with our technical support about how we can resolve these problems with as little disruption as possible, and I wanted to update you.

We are currently looking into the best way of updating the forum software in order to fix the current issues and we are liaising with the Forum Moderators and a handful of members to make sure this process is as smooth as possible. Thanks for bearing with us while we complete this work.

We’re so pleased to see that the number of posts by members on the forum has increased by 50% in the past year. With that in mind we are striving to ensure that new members, as well as members who have been using the forum for a long time, will continue to find it a valuable and very supportive place to give and receive support on all aspects of caring.

Many thanks,

Michael Shann
Head of Membership and Volunteering
Carers UK
Just for info, had no problems Friday or Saturday, but have had to use back button twice today.
Must be really hard to track down such an intermittent pesky little gremlin
Thanks, everyone. Melly, about new posts I simply meant I was logged in as a member but treated as a non-member the whole time, and so now I can see the roll call again and there are many new posts in the members' area that I had never seen, but they aren't shown as new, although they are new to me (I'm just complaining a bit, I don't expect it to be otherwise). I think I've been cut out over 10 days. I tried various approaches, refresh, hard refresh, but all it did was show me the non-members' posts with no reply button. I read about the back button, but it did not work for me. Maybe I didn't try often enough.
Susie, I didn't get that email as far as I can tell, but I had some direct exchange with Lucy, who explained to me what the reply button is and where to find it! But she later wrote that there were issues and the techies were fixing things. I last heard from her on August 7th.
I suggested to Michael directly that they put a banner across the headers for the site saying they had technical issues, instead the email was sent, not the same thing at all.
As one of the most regular posters, I get so irritated when it says "You are not authorised to read this forum". I feel like yelling at it "YES, I bl***y well am!"
However, as every day goes by, I'm more and more concerned about new carers who have come here for help when they are feeling vulnerable, and get this sort of response when they try to access the forum.
bowlingbun wrote:
As one of the most regular posters, I get so irritated when it says "You are not authorised to read this forum". I feel like yelling at it "YES, I bl***y well am!"
then please spare a thought for your Moderators who have the exact same problems PLUS we haven't been able to access our Moderator "tools" which we need to keep the forum running smoothly !

on the plus side - it seems to have also stopped the spammers from posting for a couple of weeks :roll:
Susie, I really feel for you too, especially as you don't get paid for the extra hassle. Maybe mods should have an annual fee, a bit like local councillors have, in recognition of all the time and effort you and the others put in?

I hate sending comments about our problems but feel that it's important to report them so you know what is or isn't happening, which is the only way to get them sorted. This evening there's a problem to "chocolatesolveseverything"s email.

No reply button, but it's there in other places!! I've tried at various times, on both table and PC, but still no button.