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How To - using photobucket to post a photo. - Carers UK Forum

How To - using photobucket to post a photo.

Includes forum rules and technical help.
A step-by-step guide to opening a Photobucket account and using it to post your pictures on this forum. There is plenty more to using Photobucket but this tutorial will resize your photos to successfully appear in your post.

1. Open a new window in your browser and go to Photobucket.com. Sign up for an account.
ImageUpload Now' located in the top right corner.
ImageSelect photos and videos' located in the centre.

9. The screen will show your photos being uploaded. When this has been done, click on 'Save and continue to my album'.

10. You may be offered a theme for your album. I selected cancel. You can select this option later.

11. You will now be presented with all the pictures in your album.


1. Click on the picture you want to post.

2. WIth your mouse over the picture you see some options at the top. Click on 'Resize' select 640 x 480. Click on 'OK'. It will then tell you '1 image resized'. (If you don't see 640x480 in the options then your photo is already small enough to post.)
Thanks for the time you have taken to share this here.

x x
Thank you Sprinter.
Thanks Sprinter Image

Sezzie. xx
Paul, your a flippin' genious! Thanks mate and I feel honoured to have my photo's featured.
I haven't tried it yet, but will save this to my files and give it a go asap.

Cheers, Pete.
Just thought I'd bring this post from Sprinter back up to the top.

He is doing OK by the way, but life is very hard for him of late, hence he hasn't been on for a while now.

We all wish him all the best I'm sure. Image
This couldn't have come at a better time, Mind reader Pete??
OH has been trying to upload some pics to a Budgie forum, but it only accepts Photo Bucket and he got a bit frustrated, now I can help him!
Thanks Image

Best Wishes to Sprinter xx
Thank Sprinter not me. Image Hope OH manages ok. I've done it once using it like this, but the second time it opened ALL my photo bucket pics for the world to see. Dont know what I did wrong? Image
As I know I can't be the only one who has problems with photo's (not just what I look like in them!), I have made this a sticky!

Bell x
Thanks Bell, thats great news!! See if I was a rich and powerful Moderator, I could have done that! Image