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Random Question on pop ups - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Random Question on pop ups

Includes forum rules and technical help.
Thanks Chris

Does it remember passwords if you want it to. I know it can be seen as a security risk but I need the facility as memory like a sieve!
You can easily manage the usernames and passwords that Firefox has saved for you.

Click the menu button and choose Options.

Click the Security panel.

Click Saved Logins… and the Password Manager will open.

A tip ... if backing up before closing down ... transferring vital files in DOCUMENTS / PHOTOS / BOOKMARKS say ...
to a memory stick ... also export the Password Manager bit as well.

If your laptop or other device frizzles overnight .. or heaven forbid stolen ...all your passwords are saved on that memory
stick ... and can be transferred back in when acquiring a new computer.

Shame that cannot be done for programs !
Thanks Chris, I might try firefox again- except most of my passwords are now in Chrome as Norton stopped doing it.
Can I export these ? and how, where do I find the files?
Nowadays I think all these browsers take over each other's passwords if you let them.
Your welcome.

Chrome ?

Unknown but ... if isolated as a file , BOOKMARKS can be easily be imported into Firefox.

From the Internet :

Open Google Chrome, and click the Customize and Control Google Chrome menu > Bookmarks.

Next, select Bookmarks manager, or press [CTRL] + [Shift] + [O] on your keyboard.

Now, click the Organize menu > Export bookmarks to HTML file: Choose a location to save the file, and then click Save

Save file to DOCUMENTS for future use ?
I've used Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome - of the 3 I find Google Chrome to be the best and it's given me fewer problems overall than the other two !
Thanks Susie
I have cleared the pop ups thanks to technical guy at Devon Live.