Private Messages - do you know where they are?

Includes forum rules and technical help.
I've just sent a PM, a Private Message, this morning, and was disappointed to see that there are 10 in my Outbox which have never been read, as they usually contain more personal information than I would put on the main forum.
If you look above this message box, there are two rows of "tabs", one purple, one red.
In the purple row, third to the right, there is a tab for Private Messages. If there is a PM in your Inbox, it will say 1 (Private Message).

Click here, and you will find your message.

(I've often said that to a newcomer these were not obvious tabs, and needed more shading.. I was a member of the forum for many months before I realised!)
BB, have you checked the poster's forum activity i.e. when they last visited the forum? Sometimes PMs aren't collected because the receivers haven't revisited the forum.
It may also be that the intended recipient has elected not to receive pm's when they set up their profile.

(I've actually got 14 unread pm's in my Outbox at the moment ! Some of which go back to last November :shock: )
Maybe members do not notice the indicator counter when they get new pm

Could it be a different colour, or could the number flash, please?
Somehow, I set up a notification so that I get an e-mail when I am sent a pm. That helps