Waiting for a bed in a nursing home.

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We have been waiting for a vacancy in a nursing home for my husband since January. His Social Worker advised me to visit as many nursing homes in the area as I could, the more names we have, the better chance he had of getting a place in one of them. I managed to visit four homes and they all looked ok and were easy for me to reach by car.

I got a call three weeks ago to say that my husband was now top of the council waiting list and that there was a vacancy in one of the homes, ofcourse it had to be the only one that I hadn't managed to visit. I went to it and was shown round by one of the senior nursing staff and shown which room he would have. I told her all his medical history and how he is bed managed and requires two carers at a time. We waited over a week then a senior nurse came to do an assessment on him. She was very nice, took all his medical history and had a chat with him.

That was a week ago. We have been waiting for a call from the Home to the Social Worker but nothing came.
She phoned them today and was told that they couldn't accept him as he needed too much care and they didn't have the staff to look after him!!!! I got really upset and said did that mean that the other four care homes wouldn't accept him either? She told me she had never experienced a nursing home turning away a patient because they need too much care - that's their job!! We did wonder however if they want it filled by a self funding client instead of a council funded one.

At least he is still top of the list so hopefully will get the next vacancy that comes along.

I was back at the doctor yesterday to check my blood pressure as we are having problems with it - it is now up to 199. At this rate I will be in hospital before he gets a vacancy.
Irene, don't despair. Some Nursing homes cater for more complex needs than others. Hubby's is one of several units, his being for the most complex. Better to hang fire, than Brian being accepted, then they decide he can't be cared for. One poor man even had to move from hubby's, which was dreadful for him and his family. I hope it's sorted very soon. You are in desperate need of respite.