Missing reply

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I have just spent over an hour writing a reply to my post this evening. I used the quick reply option and after I had written it I pressed submit, but there is no sign of my reply. Do you know where it went? and can it be retrieved.
I think if you take too long writing something, it loses the link to the original thread. Really irritation though, it's happened to me if I've started writing something, then been interrupted, and continued writing later. Grrr!
Thank you for the bad news!

Back to the drawing board.
It done it again! But this time I had a back-up copy.
This time when I hit submit my message disappeared and it brought up a blank postreply box and when I copied the message into this box and pressed submit it worked okay.
I think you'll find that the 'quick reply' option is meant for just that - a 'quick' reply of a couple of lines or so; if you want to post a lengthy reply then you need to use the main Post Reply box at the top or bottom of the topic.

If you want to post something that is going to take you a while to type it's a good idea to type it in a word document first then copy 'n paste it into the message box.