Keep me loged in

Includes forum rules and technical help.
I used to be logged in all the time but since the resent changes, I have to log in each time. I would like to stay logged in all the time please, can you tell how to do it? :?
Me too. It remembers my name and password, and I tick 'keep me logged in' but it never does.
We think this is a glitch, it has been passed over to the techie team, hopefully it'll be sorted out soon.
Could we have the log in tick box larger? On my laptop it's so tiny I can't really see that it's ticked!
It seems to work for me,so far.
This answer should be an easy one.
Clear your browser cache then log in once more.
I don't understand a word you just said!
Make sure you are logging in using your email address and password, not your forum user name. We changed the log in process because we found a high number of users who don't visit the forum often forget their user name, and an email address is easier to remember.
Clear the cache and cookies on your internet browser. Many users who did experience technical problems with the forum from April found that clearing their internet browser's cache and cookies resolved some of them. Find out how to do this here:'s-Cache

I'd really welcome feedback on whether clearing your cache works for everyone. I know susieq was experiencing difficulties. As no1mum says please login with email not user name.


I'm still logging in with my user name without any problems