Includes forum rules and technical help.

We have been having problems uploading photos to the forum but these have now been fixed.

To upload photos –

When you type a message for the forum (either in a new topic or in reply) underneath the message box you will see a tab “Upload Attachment”
Screenshot (22).png
Click on this then click on “Add Files”

Which will open the folder where you store photos on your computer

Choose the photo you want to upload and then click ‘open’
Screenshot (23).png
The photo’s filename will be added (will have a green ‘tick’ in the status column if the photo is acceptable, if no green tick then the photo is probably too large and needs to be re-sized before trying again).

Then click on ‘place inline’ for the photo to be added to your message

Finally click on ‘preview’ to check you have added the one you want and then click on ‘submit’.

(The above screenshots are taken from my computer, using my folders and Windows 10 - so yours may look a little different but the principles are the same)
Just testing!!
Brilliant Pet :D :D :D :D
New style forum ... fine.

The Jurassic version ... JPROSILVER ... remains easier.

Don't let JOOMKIT know ... he'll change it !

Love the pic Mrs A!
Chris, oh dear, I feel joomkit has been under alot of pressure. I'm sure it won't be changed now some of us have tested. Hope I'm right.
Well . if he backs those 2 nags I mentioned , I might return to his good books ?

To appear in soneone's good book would be a major achievement for me on this Triassic forum ... as opposed to hit list ?
I have no idea who or what joomkit is!!

But I will confirm that posting photos only works is one uses the Comboot board style. On my tablet i still prefer using prosilver or jprosilver so I can see what ive typed. Im happy to switch between styles as the need arises

Unmasked earlier today on the Forum Gremlins thread.

THE tinkerer no less !

Be nice ... otherwise he'll start tinkering again,
Chris, you are not on my hitlist lol!! No one is, even the unamed social worker who let me down and has no courtesy. Sorry if I don't understand your humour. It is rather interesting. Your posts are too.
Mrs A. Susieq said that Joomkit is the forum name for the IT person.
I'm not sure if I'm on prosilver or comboot. The latter I think but will check. My test worked, so will leave well alone.