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Random Question on pop ups - Carers UK Forum

Random Question on pop ups

Includes forum rules and technical help.
I seem to have clicked something in error and am getting pop ups from ""DevonLive" local news bulletins. Anyone know how Ican get rid of them. Their web site has no info, contact info etc. I have not subscribed to anything but must have clicked a bad link along the way. I'm running on Chrome windows 10 . Thanks
Purely a guess / deduction.

https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-ne ... ite-340212

Have you registered on the site ?
You can also register for an email news bulletin which is coming soon, and sign up to be able to comment on stories on the website too.

https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-ne ... new-340391

When registering , was there a box , either to tick or untick , to receive live bulletins ?

( Local news sites ... bulletins usually by email NOT through pop ups !
I have several feeds , refined for the word CARERS ... literally saving me hours every week in trawling !)

To rectify , an email to Devon Live for instructions or ... an UNSUBSCRIBE link ?

If not , I can offer no further explanation.
found this link when I googled the problem

Hi Chris
Thanks yes that was the right site and must have had the wrong boxes checked. I just made the mistake of looking at a property that was advertised and now I am being blitzed every time I log in with pop ups every time someone in Devon sneezes.
I can not see an email address for them to be contacted on and I have not subscribed to it and so unable to unsubscribe. If I go to their web site it keeps asking me if I want to subscribe.
Thanks Susie
Useful link, I will start with teh basics and run a full system scan on Norton but I doubt that will fix it as I probably clicked something in error.
I looked at Chrome , Settings and advanced setting , also Chrome help but I can't see any option to update chrome in the list. Any clues?
Your welcome.

Front page ... at the bottom CONTACT US :


Hobson's Choice ?

Head of digitical my bet ... at least he might understand the problem ???

Chrome ?

A nightmare when compared with Firefox.

The following link may help regarding unsubscribing ... also links to Susie's bit on Chrome :

https://sendpulse.com/knowledge-base/pu ... ifications
Agh thanks Chris yes I see.

A job for Monday when I have more time.

Many thanks for help
Your welcome ... back to the footie ... it's Saturday !
Cntd- (after the footie) I always used to use Firefox but then went over to Chrome because at the time I was using Norton software and the Norton password manager wouldn't work on Firefox only Chrome. Now Norton no longer do password manager so maybe I will go back to firefox. What are the main advantages of Firefox?
Ease of use ... and simple layout ... HELP function even covers the kitchen sink.

Able to personalise it ... New Orleans Saints theme for me ( Without those cheerleaders ... unfortunately ! ).

On a separate note , NOT run by a corporate conglomerate !

The Mozilla community put Firefox together ... and is run on a non profit basis.