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help with a profile pic - Carers UK Forum

help with a profile pic

Includes forum rules and technical help.
Can i have one two one on this please as do have learning disability
Hi Simon,

unfortunately I can't add your profile picture for you, I can only add or change my own.

First, you need to choose a picture and save it on your computer. It might be a photo you have taken or a picture or you have found on the Internet. Save it somewhere easy to find.

Then follow Susie's instructions, you could print these out to look at whilst you follow them. Or you could open them in one window on explorer and carry them out in another.

When I'm doing something tricky, I find it helps to read the instructions out loud.
susieq wrote:Decided to change my Avatar and after lots of faffing about nearly gave up as I couldn't resize the picture I wanted to use Image

Then I found this brilliant site http://www.shrinkpictures.com/create-avatar/ which is really, really easy to use and is FREE - follow the simple instructions and it does it all for you Image

Click Choose and browse your PC for your image
Type in 100 for the size
Click Resize

On the next screen, choose the image you like best and click Download this Picture Now and save it somewhere on your PC, preferably your desktop.
Now you can use this saved image to set your Avatar.

When you've made and saved your new avatar you will need to go into
1 - User Control Panel (tab in top purple banner)
2 - Profile
3 - Edit Avatar
4 - Click on Browse and navigate to your stored avatar
5 - choose photo
6 - click on submit
Good luck.

Hi Melly1
i'm doing them things that you showed me still nothing
Hello Simon,

I don't what you might be doing wrong, but if you are following the instructions then it should work.

I'll contact Admin and see if they are able to do it for you - they are the only ones (apart from yourself) who can make changes to your User Profile. If they can you will need to email them a copy of the image that you want to use as your profile photo. When I hear back from Admin I'll let you know and give you their email address.
Hi susieq
That is very kind of you I do have LD
Hi Simon,

Sorry to hear you're having problems uploading your profile photo. I would be happy to help - could you email me over the photo you would like to use at forum@carersuk.org and I'll see if I can set it on your behalf?

All the best,

Hi Kate
Sent you a email with pic thanks
All sorted Simon! :D