Help to send a private message.

Includes forum rules and technical help.
I am trying to send a private message. The first, very long one, just vanished, so then I realised that maybe I should have saved it. I have re-written it, save it as a draft, but can't seem to find how to send it on now, there is no submit button. I really don't want to have to re-do it a third time.
Actually Irene you've got me stumped too !!

I'll try and get instructions from Admin and let you know :) I'll also get them to confirm if there is a word/character limit for pm's (you did say it was a long one !). But in the meantime try copying the draft and pasting into a new pm message box and submitting it again.
Had another look and think I've sussed it out !

Go to "User Control Panel" then click on the Private Messages tab
then click on 'Manage pm drafts' in left hand menu

you'll get a list of saved drafts - within the box showing the title of your pm you'll see the wording
'load draft * view/edit'

click on 'load draft' and it will reload your message so you can submit it.

But I'll still check whether there is a word/character limit - if there is that is probably the reason your message failed.
Hi Susieq
I've had problems today with all messages . Seems to have been sorted now by Kate.
How did your appointment work out? Positive I hope xx
Hi everyone,

SusieQ is spot on with her explanation of how to find a private message you saved to drafts.

I'm afraid we did have some issues with the forum yesterday. These were sorted yesterday afternoon and everything should - fingers crossed - be running smoothly now. Can you let me know if anyone is still having issues and I can investigate.

All the best,