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Decided to change my Avatar and after lots of faffing about nearly gave up as I couldn't resize the picture I wanted to use Image

Then I found this brilliant site which is really, really easy to use and is FREE - follow the simple instructions and it does it all for you Image

Click Choose and browse your PC for your image
Type in 100 for the size
Click Resize

On the next screen, choose the image you like best and click Download this Picture Now and save it somewhere on your PC, preferably your desktop.
Now you can use this saved image to set your Avatar.

When you've made and saved your new avatar you will need to go into
1 - User Control Panel (tab in top purple banner)
2 - Profile
3 - Edit Avatar
4 - Click on Browse and navigate to your stored avatar
5 - choose photo
6 - click on submit
Going to give this ago, i may be a while Image
Oh yay, go me Image

Thank you muchly Susie xx
Well, I've just had a try to see if I could do it.

YAY, I have...............
Might be simple to some of you, but to me it's a major achievement. Thanks, SQ for making it so easy.
glad to have been of assistance Image

(I've added the site to my favourites so that I can change mine again in the future Image )
I did too susie, might play about and change it again Image x

Thanks for that susie it must be easy cos I managed it
I'm going to have fun playing with that
Great stuff, thank you susieq I just spent an hour trying to add an avatar then I discovered your posting. Image as you can see I am a big Treky fan.
A big THANK YOU, not much of a IT person and I managed it. The picture is of my baby Juno, who looks after Mum when I'm not there.
Juno is gorgeous, how old is she?