Would you like to trial a new digital service for carers?

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Hello everyone

I am the founder of HomeTouch, a new service that helps carers look after their loved ones. We developed this in an NHS memory clinic at Imperial College, London with a group of patients and their families who have a condition called Mild Cognitive Impairment. Aproximately 10-15% of the population have this condition and it can, but doesn't always lead to dementia. We now want to trial this service with carers and the people they care for. You can see more at our website, including a video that explains the service.


Would you be interested in trialing this? Do you believe the person you care for could use a basic tablet device with simple navigation and tools? If so, please get in touch.

To be clear, this is not a commercial message and we are not selling anything. There would be no costs to carers. What I would really value is the feedback and insights of the carer community so that we can deliver a better service. If you are interested please get in touch by contacting me via our website or PM'g me on this forum.

Best Wishes

Dr Jamie Wilson
I can't look at this in detail without logging in.It looks as though it works in the same way as an I-pad,is that right?
Is this trial of a new digital service only for carers of people with Mild Cognitive Impairment?
Also is it just a method of keeping contact ie bit like a mobile phone?
Obviously I am interested and also clicked on your link but it wasn't clear if I was the right sort of carer.
I'm very interested please
This just looks like a care agency advert. If it is something special, we need an explanation. Or did you link the wrong website?
to anyone posting recently - please note the original post was made on 22 Jan 2013

the trial is probably over now and the link redundant