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Why do we want social workers - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Why do we want social workers

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Am I living in past times? I thought that a social worker's role was to support people in their homes with everything. Is it just about the money issue nowadays? What happened to the emotional support that I thought they were supposed to give people, is that not true these days? We don't have much to do with them either, but when we did ask for help with replacing hubby's rise and fall bed, they just said no, due to the expense. I don't understand what they are for, either.
Robert went up to the local Adult Hospice in Paisley today to take a look. Hubby said it was full of old folk sat staring into space.

I really hope that Rachel House don't stop him from going to the Children's Hospice as he does now.

No way is he going to the adult hospice just so we can have a break. They don't even take the people out anywhere - they are just left to rot. The nurse told Robert that they have a Nintendo Wii but that is no use to someone with muscular dystrophy who cannot move his arms.

He would be better off in his rooom on his PC as he is now than stuck in a place with a load of old folk. And this is where the social worker said he would go if we cannot continue to care!!

No wonder people kill themselves and those they care for if this is all there is to look forward to!!! Image

what is the difference between a social worker and a care manager,we haven't seen a social worker for over 30 years but when my wife went to hospital for a major op we were asked who her care manager was and i said me, she then came back an hour later and told me that according to the records we have had 9 care team managers over the last 10 years,i was astounded as we have never had a visit ,had not asked for help, so who were these mysterious people lurking in the background? and why were they there ? i found it quite unsettling really to think we were maybe being watched from afar or not ,ihave never got to the bottom of it.
Disheartened to read the comments as my son is training to be a Social Worker.

They can't do right for doing wrong, can they?

Personally, I'd love a Social Worker who could help us. I've had the one from the hospital who wrote a shockingly inaccurate and muddled assessment of my dad and a stop gap one from SS who was brilliant... but we don't merit a named social worker of our own apparently.