What support would best help you?

Take part in research or give your opinion in a survey.
I know we've done a few surveys recently but we've got a very short one on the best ways to offer support to carers. Support groups, online forums (!) or 'mentoring'.

We'd be really grateful if you could take 5 minutes to answer a few questions about what kind of support you think is the best. We'll be using the results to bid for funds to develop our services for carers.

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Done, but with the usual caveat: we are not randomly chosen nor representative of the mass of carers, so the survey has no statistical significance.
The support that would help me, is to have a mini Break away together with my Disabled Hubby, he does not want to go into care as this means that we would have to place our dogs into a kennel as well. Surely by allowing us to have a mini break together is better for us. I am 54 & Hubby is 63. Oh well we will see what happens ! Regards Amandah