[u][b]Dissertation Survey[/b][/u]

Take part in research or give your opinion in a survey.
Thank you
Sorry, I can't complete your survey.

The family member I look after isn't a child. He is my husband. Image
Hi, I'm with Catja.
This appears to be more of a general survey for anyone looking after any child, not just a disabled child.
I have filled it in, but my son is an adult,and I am a Carer for my husband too.
One thing, I gave up work as a nurse to become an unpaid Carer. I do not consider myself unemployed. I am far busier now, than ever I was when I was nursing, plus i do not get teabreaks or mealbreaks,(or even toilet breaks), uninterrupted.
My caree is a young adult.
My caree (my son is almost 26 years old)

It really could have done with you stating in the opening post that this was aimed at those who care for children because quite a lot of us care for adults rather than children Image
I'm a carer of a young person and whilst it has an impact on my life in many ways I don't feel socially excluded at all.