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Carers Week survey - Carers UK Forum

Carers Week survey

Take part in research or give your opinion in a survey.
Carers Week: 9-15 June 2008

Carers UK is one of the charities organising this year's Carers Week, the theme of which is Carers can't afford to be ill.

An online questionnaire for carers has just been launched. Please visit www.carersweeksurvey.org.uk to take part; it will only take a few minutes of your time.

To find out more about Carers Week, including free leaflets, posters and promo materials visit www.carersweek.org

Once again, no anonymity option!
Sorry, Matt, but name, address and phone number and no idea what we're going to be asked other than the fact that the survey contains health-related questions, why can't the survey be completed anonymously with the option to add respondents' names and addresses, etc. at the end if they wish to?
I totally agree, you should not have to provide personal details to a survey, if you don't want to.
This has come up before - I really do feel that far too much information is "mandatory" before getting to the meat of the questionnaire. I can understand that this may help to prevent multiple entries, but personally I'd rather risk that than miss one carer who is put off from answering the questionnaire...

I support this fully and object to the need to give my full address and phone number and so didn't do so!!! I did put my first name and I put my intial for the second name. I put "the area" in the address section and ex directory in the phone number! I use a hotmail address for the email so my main email doesn't get filled up with things I might not be able to deal with and the junk filter is better on my hotmail anyway!!

I think it is out of order making people feel awkward about a list of questions which did not feel to me to fit to anything I could have said. We are not all working and it seemed "workng carers" rule!

Hi everyone

I absolutely accept your comments. As you'll know this came up last year and we did feed your comments back last year. As I said last year Carers UK research survey's always do allow for anonymity.

However this is for Carers Week and it is run differently, as a coalition of ten charities. I will let the Carers Week manager know your objections.

Best wishes

Good Morning Matt, I am sorry to say I will not be filling in the survey. For the reasons as stated above to much personal information requested I never give out my telephone no. without being given a reassurance it will not be used.
Hi all

I've passed your comments on to the Carers Week manager and he has got back to me.

He says there is a tickbox option at the end of the survey to say if you do not want any further contact, as per the Data protection Act requirements. Anyone ticking this box will not be contacted at all.

As it is an online survey he feels that allowing people to register anonymously leaves the survey open to abuse. However he has said that anyone who does want to remain anonymous can complete the a paper copy of the survey and return it by post.

You can download a PDF to print out on the Carers Week website at this link.

If you would like to contact him directly with your comments, his name is Paul Matz and you can do so at mail@carersweek.org