Thought I would pass this on in case anyone interested.

Are you trying to find a member of your family?? Has your search gone cold? Or do you just not know where to begin?? You may be a birth parent, adopted person, a separated sibling, estranged parent or someone who has grown up in care - hoping to be reunited with lost relatives.

From Wall to Wall - the makers of the hit family history series Who Do You Think You Are? and BBC ONE drama New Tricks, a new documentary programme will aim to reunite long lost families.? With a team of experts in tracing and finding people and in providing trained emotional support along the way, the programme will aim to reunite those on a quest to find their family members.?

Each programme will follow the story of two different people who want to be reunited with a relative.? The programmes will explore the issues involved when families separate in a sensitive and non judgmental way, as well as exploring the lengths some go to reunite and find answers.? By featuring positive stories about the search and reunion process we hope to make family reunion more accessible and inspire people who have long thought about tracing a relative to take the next step.

If you are over the age of 18, have experienced family separation and now feel ready to seek a reunion then please get in touch.

Visit][/url] and follow the link to the application form.